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Plastic Backpacker's Liquid Damped
Magnetic Compass

Plastic Backpacker's Liquid Damped Magnetic Compass

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Perfect for the active outdoors man is this inexpensive Plastic Backpacker's Compass.  The liquid-damped compass movement settles rapidly for quick and accurate readings.  To make readings easier, the hinged lid has a brass pin thats helps to maintain its open position.  The compass is 1.8 inches (4.6 cm) in diameter, 0.6 inch (1.5 cm) thick, and weighs only 9/10 of an ounce (25.5 grams).  The waterproof compass comes complete with a 31-inch (79 cm) lanyard that can be worn around the neck or tied to equipment for fast access.  We also offer an inexpensive Plastic Survival Compass, a Plastic Pocket Compass in Pocket Watch Style Case, Survival Binoculars with Compass and Signal Mirror, a Carabiner Compass, a Mirror Sighting Map Compass, a Hiking Compass, a Map Compass, and a large selection of Metal Lensatic Compasses that are perfect for outdoor use.
The Plastic Backpacker's Compass with Lanyard is offered at only $4.50. 

Plastic Backpacker's Liquid Damped Compass

Status Quantity

Plastic Backpacker's Liquid Damped Compass

Backpacker's Compass
with Lanyard
Backpacker's Compass with Lanyard
Detail of
Compass Face
Detail of Compass Face
Waterproof Compass
with Lid Closed
Waterproof Compass with Lid Closed
Detail of Hinge
with Brass Pin
Detail of Hinge with Brass Pin
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