We are pleased to offer a large selection of brass antique reproduction optical instruments, including handheld and tripod mounted telescopes, binoculars, antique microscopes, and desk magnifiers.  These instruments are crafted from heavy solid brass tubes and fittings, and polished to a magnificent finish.  Some manufacturers choose to use cheap, small lenses, but the products we offer contain the same high quality optics used in precision optical instruments. 

[9.5 inch Pocket telescope]  [Modern Telescopes]  [13-inch Telescope] 
[14-inch Telescope]  [16-inch Telescope]  [18-inch Telescopes] 
[28-inch Telescope]  [35-inch Telescopes]  [Spotting Telescope] 
[Premium Brass and Wood Telescope]  [Victorian Desk Telescope]  [19-inch Desk Telescopes] 
[30-inch Telescopes]  [44-inch Telescopes]  [44-inch Premium Telescopes] 
[55-inch Harbormaster Telescope]  [Opera Glasses]  [Small Binoculars]  [Chrome Binoculars] 
[Large Binoculars]  [X-Y Translation Stage Microscope]  [Modern Style Microscope] 
[3-Leg Desk Magnifiers]  [5-Leg Desk Magnifier]  [Hand Magnifiers]  [Brass Stand Magnifier] 
[Folding Pocket Magnifiers]  [Photo Stand Magnifier]  [Chrome Plated Folding Magnifier] 
[Survival Binoculars]  [Telescope Key Chain] 

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